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A Feel for Statistics                                  

Key 1.   Definitions and circumstances

Key 2.   Missing or incomplete information

Key 3.   Which average is it?

Key 4.   Numbers should never be reified

Key 5.   It is rarely enough to state the mean

Key 6.   Carefully choose your sample

Key 7.   Use simple procedures

Key 8.   Identify all possible explanations for the results

Key 9.   False positives and false negatives

Key 10.   The most demanding method should be used

Key 11. Compare like with like

Key 12. Manage  the  problem  of  natural variability                           between people

Key 13. Manage the problem of variation within people

Key 14. Manage the problem of contamination

Key 15. Manage the problem of samples

Key 16. Manage the problem of size

Key 17. Controls and controlled experiments

Key 18. Evaluate the interaction of variables

Key 19. Understand the role of coincidence

Key 20. Correctly draw tables and charts